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The Conceptum providing India's best Entrance Exam Guides and Question Banks for those Students who wish to prepare themselves fo the competitive exams.

The Conceptum is a growing network of publications of Entrance Exam Guides, Competitive Exam Papers, Board Exam Guides, Board Exam Papers, etcetera. The-Conceptum is a Delhi-based publishing house with branches in Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) and Darbhanga (Bihar).

The-Conceptum is recognised for the quality it delivers and the values it contributes to the society. The-Conceptum has achieved remarkable success in a very limited span of time. The-Conceptum educates young minds through the novel and enriching literature it produces in its books.

Our mission is to make education more accessible, provide budget-friendly academic resources, and aid students in realizing their educational objectives. Our journey started with publishing a handful of books for institutions like Jamia and AMU, and then expanded to include books for the Bihar board.

The Bihar Board entrance guide is our most well-received publication, favored by both students and educators in the state, who consider it to be the best available resource.

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Work with us

As The-Conceptum continues to expand as a publication platform, we are in search of motivated and youthful professionals to join our team. If you're interested in working with us, kindly send us your resume. We will reach out to you when our next recruitment cycle begins.

Publish with us

We welcome authors to share their work with us, including exam guides, question banks, practice sets, books in Urdu and other helpful resources for students. Please send manuscripts in PDF format or the broad details of your work, and we'll get back to you promptly.

Request a specimen

To request a specimen from The-Conceptum, please provide your personal and professional details, as well as details about the product you're interested in. Email your information to [email protected].

Why choose The Conceptum
  1. Easy-to-learn
    Our guides are written in an easy-to-learn, concise language, making it super easy to grasp any complex concept and topic faster, plus retain the information longer.
  2. Tried-and-tested information
    Students from all backgrounds over the years have chosen our guides to succeed in competitive exams. Even professors, academicians, and other authorities recommended our guidebooks to prepare for academic success.
  3. The Trusted, reliable source of knowledge
    Experts in the domain have provided the information (bonus= illustrations) to drive the knowledge, making our guidebooks a reliable source for unlocking your academic goals.
  4. Always one step ahead
    Our guidebooks are updated periodically to stay relevant and up-to-date with curriculum changes. We analyze the question papers thoroughly to provide information to you that help you hit the bull’s eye in exams.



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